Best Blackout Curtains for Nurseries

The 10 Best Blackout Curtains for Nurseries To Help Babies Sleep Soundly 2023

As parents, we want to do everything we can to create a safe, comfortable space for our new baby. Sleep is one of the most important things for Infants, so we must create a nursery that promotes good sleep habits.

Blackout curtains are an easy way to block out light, creating a dark and soothing space for your little one to sleep.

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The Pottery Barn Quincy Cotton Canvas Blackout Curtain is our top pick for a warm, adaptable, and secure curtain that will grow with your child as they age because it’s useful, color-neutral, and reduces noise. The H. Versailtex Insulated Curtains are a luxurious and cost-effective alternative if you seek a more economical solution. They also save energy.

Dr. Betty Choi, a pediatrician, author of “Human Body Learning Lab,” and mother of two children, claims that street lights and nearby homes can beam through windows and interfere with much-needed sleep. Blackout shades or curtains can aid a baby’s ability to fall and stay asleep by blocking the light.

Ensure the window coverings you chose for your child’s room are secure. To preserve a chemical-free environment, curtains should be constructed of nontoxic materials, and cords should be fastened to the wall to prevent the risk of strangulation.

We consulted child-to-sleep and development specialists to determine the finest solutions for a baby’s room. We also considered these factors along with the thickness and material quality, safety issues, cost-effectiveness, and unique characteristics like noise reduction and energy-saving capabilities.

Best OverallPottery barn kids Quincy cotton canvas noise-reducing blackout curtain panel

Pottery Barn Kids

No matter how clean your home is, white curtains appear to be a magnet for stains. Because the 100% cotton canvas panels in this alternative from Pottery Barn are entirely machine washable, we adore them. 

The panel is lined with 100% polyester backing, and the canvas structure is robust and thick. Despite its light tint, this curtain will block off both artificial and natural light, reducing noise levels and improving the nursery’s energy efficiency.

A versatile two-in-one hanging system is included with these panels. Use the rod pocket to hang in a ruched fashion or the back tabs to hang in a pleated fashion. 

The curtain’s fibers are a vivid white because each yarn strand was individually colored with an eco-friendly dye for long-lasting color. This versatile choice would look equally at home in an adult’s space as in a nursery for a young child.



several hanging choices


Panels can be bought separately.

Best budget Versailtex Insulated linen blackout curtains


If you’re looking for blackout curtains that are both stylish and affordable, look no further! These linen-like curtains are 100% polyester and come in a set of two, making them a great budget-friendly alternative. 

They’re also cordless and feature eight rust-resistant grommets. Plus, they’re machine-washable for easy clean-up—ideal for nurseries that tend to get messy. With 11 color choices and nine sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect style to suit your needs.



Sold as a pair of panels.

rust-resistant grommets


manufactured without using biological materials

It may require steaming to eliminate wrinkles.

Best printed Amazon basics polka dot window curtains

Amazon basics polka dot window curtains

A quick and easy way to inject some personality into your nursery is with printed curtains. This polka dot pattern is a great choice for any child’s room and works well with various design themes and color palettes. This pair of sturdy polyester curtain panels can be machine-washed, making removing stains and other problems easy.

Even though there is only one length available for this set, we like how much more safety the shorter type offers. 

Because newborns and toddlers can’t pull on shorter curtains that finish at the windowsill, there is less chance of window coverings falling from the wall. 

Grommets made of stainless steel increase strength and longevity, but your curtain rod should only be 1.5 inches in diameter or smaller.

These blackout curtains come in ten distinct hues and patterns, including vivid orange, clouds, dinosaurs, and plaid in various colors.



energy efficient


Only one size is available.

Best white west elm candlewick curtain

west elm candlewick curtain

These blackout curtains are ideal for nurseries and fashionable and straightforward enough to change with your child’s room as they age. They are a great choice for a nursery because of their functionality, adaptability, safety, and material quality.

This is a harmless option for any child’s room because it is made from organic cotton that is OCS and OEKO-TEX® certified. Natural and artificial light will be completely blocked out by the two-layered, 100% polyester lining, which also offers some noise cancellation. Because the lining is integrated into the curtain panel, there is less fabric for kids to pull or play with. 

Thanks to the sewn-in lining, the panel can be easily opened when you wish to let light in or drawn shut when you don’t. This cordless component comes in various sizes.

We appreciate that this curtain is available in three simple, neutral color tones, making it ideal for parents who don’t want to know the gender of a baby in advance or who wish to avoid stereotyped window treatments. 

Due to the two-in-one design, there are two ways to hang it: either with back tabs for a pleated style or a rod pocket for a bunched style. Remember that items cannot be machine washed and to dry clean them whenever necessary. Remember that a single panel sells these curtains; therefore, you must choose two for most window types.


produced from organic cotton

Other hanging alternatives


Only dry-clean

sold as individual panels

Best contemporary style peanut shell floral blackout window curtain panel pair

The peanut Shell floral blackout window curtain

These adorable curtains have a floral pattern that makes them suitable for use with various types and settings. They make the ideal accent piece since they can subtly provide color to a space with beige, white, or gray walls while yet standing out. 

They can be hung using back tabs for a pleated look or a rod pocket for a bunched look. The blackout lining shuts out natural and artificial light, and the cotton blend is strong and breathable.

Although the floral pattern helpfully conceals minor stains, this set of two panels is machine washable, making any significant disasters simple to clean up. 

Remember that there is only one size of this curtain set. So, a longer set would be more appropriate if your ceilings are extremely high. Alternatively, a shorter pair could be ideal if you have active toddlers who like to tug on the curtain panels.

These adorable curtains have a floral pattern that makes them suitable for use with various types and settings. They make the ideal accent piece since they can subtly provide color to a space with beige, white, or gray walls while yet standing out. 

They can be hung using back tabs for a pleated look or a rod pocket for a bunched look. The blackout lining shuts out natural and artificial light, and the cotton blend is strong and breathable.

Although the floral pattern helpfully conceals minor stains, this set of two panels is machine washable, making any significant disasters simple to clean up. 

Remember that there is only one size of this curtain set. So, a longer set would be more appropriate if your ceilings are extremely high. Alternatively, a shorter pair could be ideal if you have active toddlers who like to tug on the curtain panels.



Sold as a pair.

other hanging alternatives


Only one size is available.

Best linen pottery barn Belgian flax linen blackout shade

Belgian flax linen blackout shade

Linen hues are the ideal accent to give your child’s room a touch of understated elegance.

They offer a neutral backdrop for otherwise crowded rooms and are available in three traditional, modest tones. 100% yarn-dyed linen was used to create the simple pattern, giving each fiber a bright yet subtle color. 

These heavy-duty, long-lasting curtains have a 2-inch depth, and the polyester and cotton blend blackout liner helps block out light.

These cordless blinds are safe for children and animals since they have concealed handles. A hidden roller mechanism simplifies lowering and increasing the cordless lift action. 

When the shade is raised, it rolls back on itself, giving the appearance of exquisite pleats. These versatile and useful solutions come in three colors and five sizes, so they can grow with your child as they do.


simple to handle with one hand

Uncorded with a covert handle


Not washable by machine

Best blinds SbARTAR cellular shades honeycomb blinds

cellular shades honeycomb blinds

These cordless shades are simple to pull up and down. Installing them within your child’s window is a terrific way to block out light, and they are adaptable enough to go with any design or style. 

These blinds are an effective choice that can be dressed up or down because they are the ideal combination of form and function. Blinds don’t dangle as curtains, so they are kept out of a child’s reach. 

These cordless window treatments have a pull tab for simple height adjustment and length control with one hand. Shades are easily cleaned by wiping them down with a moist towel.


Simple to install

clean up


Not washable by machine

Best thermal treatments pom blackout curtains

Pom Pom blackout curtains

Blackout curtains also have the added benefit of minimizing noise and stopping heat from escaping through doors and windows. 

These thermal curtains are thick enough to trap heat in your home, resulting in a pleasant and inviting ambiance, thanks to the triple-weave structure. This cost-effective choice also lowers household expenses by conserving energy and reducing electricity needs. 

The pompom trim provides a playful touch, and the solid hue is a timeless choice for a nursery or big kid’s room.

These drapes are velvety and opulent because of the 100% polyester’s velvet-like texture. This two-panel set is cordless for enhanced safety and is available in six sizes and eight colors. 

Though they trap heat and muffle sound, these thermal curtains are not completely dark. However, they filter both natural and artificial light, and it has been shown that they can block 80% of UV radiation.



Energy efficient


Shuts out only 80% of the light

Best Portable Window Blackout Curtain from Amazon Basics

Best portable Amazon basics portable window blackout curtain

Portable window blackout curtain

Any baby can be challenging to take a nap in an unfamiliar or unplanned location. Making a cozy sleeping area is a terrific method to ensure newborns get the rest they require, whether you’re away from home or on vacation. 

This lightweight blackout curtain folds into a handy package when not in use, connects to windows easily, and is perfect for travel. The polyester material filters out UV rays and muffles outside sounds, which is crucial for informing babies when it is time to go to bed. 

This curtain can fit various windows thanks to the Velcro trim and suction cups that simplify installation.

This portable curtain has a carrying bag and is entirely machine washable. When not in use, it can be stored within. Remember that despite being portable and convenient, this alternative might not be as stable or secure as a permanent curtain due to the suction cups. When installing it, keep safety in mind and set up your child’s crib.


Size may be changed thanks to Velcro edges.

simple installation



Suction cups lack complete security.

Best short curtains Lauren ralph Lauren velvety 63-Inch window curtain panel.

Lauren ralph Lauren velvety63 InchWindowCurtainPanel

For energetic infants or toddlers, curtains that finish at the windowsill are a safer solution. An accessible choice will be these velvet curtain panels, perfect if your toddler is particularly interested in touching, grasping, or strolling. 

These ultra-soft curtains are composed of a cotton and polyester blend, making them cozy and robust while also being pleasant.

These adaptable curtains come with three different ways to hang them: in a rod pocket for a scrunched appearance, in rear tabs for a pleated appearance, or with curtain clips (sold separately). 

The curtains hang straighter thanks to their weighted corners. These drapes shouldn’t be machine washed because of their opulent texture; instead, dry-clean them as needed.


Shorter panels are more secure.

many hanging designs


only dry-clean

Panels sold separately

How We Selected

We talked to professionals in children’s sleep and development to determine the finest blackout curtains for the nursery. We evaluated each option’s capacity to fulfill the requirements that our pediatric sleep experts set by doing comparative research, using industry information, and conducting competitive analysis. 

We wanted to choose window treatments that are secure, resilient, and effective after meeting with Sleepless in NOLA Sleep Consulting’s pediatrician Dr. Betty Choi, and Dr. Nilong Vyas, a medical doctor expert with

Blackout curtains are designed to hide natural and artificial light while fostering a safe and inviting sleeping environment for infants. They must be manufactured of nontoxic materials and baby-proofed by the same standards as the rest of your home. Finally, we chose curtains that are simple to maintain and clean and will grow with your child as they do.

What to Look for in Nursery Blackout Curtains

Type of curtains or window treatment

There are normally three types of window treatments, which you can select based on your preferences and design aesthetic. Traditional blackout curtains are available in various hues, patterns, and materials. Typically cordless, they can be opened partially to let light in or entirely closed to keep it out. 

The material of blackout shades is one continuous piece that slides up and down. When not in use, they can be corded or cordless and roll or fold away from the windowsill. 

Blackout blinds are another type of light-blocking window covering composed of an opaque material. But be aware that blackout blinds frequently permit some light to enter.


Window coverings should be hospitable and warm, especially in a child’s room. Make sure the curtains you choose for a nursery are constructed from sturdy, thick cloth that can be easily cleaned. 

Cotton is a great, low-maintenance material that can be washed in the washing machine and doesn’t need to be ironed frequently. Another strong material that is simple to maintain and clean is polyester.


Any nursery should have an efficient, adaptable, and welcoming decor design. It can be tempting to plan a room specifically for a baby’s first few months, but it’s also a good idea to consider how your design choices will change as your child gets older. 

Choose classic window coverings while making your selection. You won’t have to purchase a new set each time your child’s interests change if you do it that way. 

The easiest approach to get years of use out of your window treatments, regardless of how your style changes, is to purchase a set with a straightforward, understated design. 

Dr. Vyas also advises getting curtains that will look good in both mom and dad’s rooms. “The blackout curtains can be put in the parents’ room to start as the newborn should spend at least the first night sleeping in the parents’ six months.”


When choosing the ideal set of curtains, safety should be your main priority, just like anything else you put in your child’s nursery. Start by being aware of cords. The greatest choice is cordless shades. 

If you decide to get corded shades, ensure they are securely fastened up high and away from any areas where kids can grab them.

Aim to keep children away from long drapes that are within their grasp. To prevent grabs and tugs from toddling or crawling children, it is better to use drapes that finish at the windowsill. Make sure the window treatment is fixed securely to the wall, far above the window, regardless of the style you select. 

“Make sure the curtains are not draped over the crib or bed. “You want to make sure the curtains can’t be pulled over themselves, especially as newborns start to pull up onto the crib,” advises Dr. Vyas.

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Do babies need blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are not required, but they can be a useful addition to a nursery. Dr. Choi asserts that blackout drapes are not always necessary for babies, especially if the nursery is devoid of artificial light at night. 

Some babies pick up on sleeping through the night easily, while others require environmental support, just like any other life skill. Examine your home and child before making a blackout curtain purchase; if your baby’s room is already dark, they may not be required. 

You might need curtains to help filter out the light if your child’s room is illuminated by a streetlight or receives a lot of early sunlight.

Are blackout curtains safe?

If you follow a few safety precautions, blackout curtains can be a highly secure solution. Blackout curtains help you establish sound sleeping habits if installed safely. 

Blackout curtains can help a newborn sleep better because they reduce the light entering the room and encourage the baby to produce more melatonin, which helps the body recognize when it is time to sleep.

How do I make curtains safe for my baby or toddler?

When choosing curtains, keep length in mind. It’s best to have curtains that terminate at the ledge so that young children can’t pull or tug on them. It’s also critical to pay attention to wires. 

Dr. Choi claims that corded curtains might seriously increase the risk of strangling. Make sure that any wires on your curtains or shades are properly mounted to the wall and out of a child’s reach, the expert advises. Last but not least, remember to keep drapes away from furniture and toys. 

Dr. Vyas advises that you should also “ensure that the cot is far enough away from the draperies so that heavy curtains cannot be pulled or accidently fall over the newborn.”

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